Fabulous Twitter Finds :: Tickle Me Designs

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As you follow people and gain followers on Twitter, do you ever truly stop to look at their bios and the variety of companies that are important to them?  I recently began going through my followers one at a time and am finding fascinating companies with unique ideas to incorporate into weddings!

My first fabulous find is Amy Leung, creative artist of Tickle me Designs.

Tickle Me Designs allows you to create unique, handmade stationary that is personalized to you and your groom!  It is focused on brides who want something a bit different than the ordinary and value customizing the details!

I quickly designed this picture on their website, which I thought it would be perfect for a destination wedding.  I put myself with long hair and a more casual dress for my dream destination wedding!  Just to show the contrast I had the groom in more formal attire. You have so many varieties to choose from, play around with the options and create something that represents you and your fiance.  Instead of an island in the background I could have chosen cakes, boats, churches, mountains, flowers, even the Eiffel Tower!  If you have an original idea outside of what is offered, I wouldn’t doubt Amy can make it happen for you!

Check out these fun designs:

Midnight Velvet

Latte Polka

Enchanted Spring