Staying Young Forever

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From most married couples you will hear their favorite part of marriage is being able to be with their best friend.  You get to laugh and be completely yourself around someone else who accepts you for you.  I think one of the great aspects of marriage is not only challenging each other daily, but keeping each other young! Having fun, laughing and just being goofy together will create a much more fulfilling marriage!  I love these photos of couples on their wedding day or engagement pictures just playing like little kids together.






Send me pictures of you and your groom having fun on your wedding day!

Sources: Rich Miller Photography, Lisa Dawn Photography, Keira Lemoni, Shandro Photography

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  1. Mary

    These are so great! I love when people are having fun in their pictures-after all, isn’t that what love’s about? Sure, there’s something timeless about serious shots, but don’t you want people to see you being happy? Thanks for sharing, these all are fantastic!

  2. Michael Shandro

    I love that you found these pictures! We have a lot of fun couples doing silly things. When Chad and Heather in the last two pictures saw this playground right outside their reception venue they just couldn’t resist playing in it!