B Fit:: Lunges Wedding Workout

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  If you’re doing lunges correctly, you should have a love/hate relationship with them. We love them because they hit the big muscles and get results quickly. We hate them because the hurt.. a lot! Here is a Quick wedding … Continued

[B Fit] J :: Jumping Jacks

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Start Jumping. Jumping Jacks are my number one go to move when I want to get my heart rate up. This is an exercise that can be simplified or advanced depending on your fitness level and doesn’t need any equipment to complete. … Continued

[B Fit] I: Isometric

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Just because you aren’t moving during a workout doesn’t mean that you won’t break a sweat or get a bride-kicking workout! Isometric exercises are meant to center around and strengthen the core. They don’t necessarily build muscles but they will … Continued

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