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Now a days when you think of the overindulgent cruise ships sailing the ocean you think of endless buffets with passengers on board stuffing their face and laying around all day.  This probably doesn’t appeal to you if you are looking to lose weight or live an active lifestyle.  With more and more people looking to get fit you will be surprised at the many cruising options that will not only allow you to relax but they will encourage you to put your tennis shoes on and start running! You will be cruising alongside other active individuals that share the same passion as you do for exploring new locations with their own two feet.


A great example is the Caribbean Islands Marathon Cruise on the Royal Caribbean Cruise line where you will tackle four different islands with four different races along the way. You will be running along side participants from across the country with a variety of experiences. Share your past running stories while seeing a new island every day. Each new run will have different scenery, hills, and distance so you will always be engaged in the run.

Or try Visiting the Hawaiian Islands with the Run – Hawaii Cruise and hit three different islands while you run past beautiful scenery and enjoy days off in between to recover for the next run! A sample schedule can be found here to see what each day would look like on the cruise.  Your family and friends are encouraged to join you and can plan excursions on the trip for each island or they can cheer you on during your run.

If you would prefer to stay closer to the states, join the first marathon cruise down the New England coast and Canada in October of 2011 where you will run in one of the Maine Marathon events and continue on to experience national parks, pubs and group activities while on board. And don’t forget to refuel after your long run with the buffet’s and top notch service on the cruise lines.  Many of the cruise lines now offer exquisite gyms and spas as well as healthy food options for the calorie conscious.

So if you have a love of traveling with an urge to travel – try checking out a marathon cruise that is planned by runners…designed for runners!

Brides – go on a weekend marathon cruise for your bachelorette party and encourage all of your girls to start training together for the runs! Having the social support will help you all encourage each other to get in shape while having fun at night after your long runs on the ship together.  Or plan your honeymoon on one of these marathon cruises and you and your fiance can start training now together.  You can look forward to completing your first marathon together as a married couple.  Your goals of getting in shape and completing a marathon can all come together as you prepare for your honeymoon marathon.  See the world on your own two feet!

I would love to hear from any of the readers who have gone on or considered a marathon cruise vacation before.

  1. Nancy

    Thanks for the mention! I’m one of the Marathon Running Cruises people! We also do a cruise in conjunction with the Skagway marathon in Alaska in the spring. I’ve done that marathon and it has the most fantastic scenery I’ve ever seen! The best part of running a marathon during a cruise vacation is that you alleviate a lot of the ‘I ate too much on my cruise!’ guilt!