Fun With Shapes :: Hexagon

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An unusual shape, but with its shape comes a very interesting addition to your wedding.  It breaks away from the traditional circle and square shapes and says “I’m unique”.


You always hear of the classic round diamond, and now the trendier teardrop shape diamond, but I would bet you will be the first of your friends to embrace a hexagon style engagement ring!  (Even more sides and angles to glisten!!)


The details of your wedding can be created in the shape of a hexagon, a subtle theme that your guests might not even notice, but that you can keep consistent across the ceremony and reception.




These invitations will grab your guests attention as they unfold with their many layers.  Use these as a pocket to hold your rsvp card and reception information.  I love the pattern that they mixed in with the invitations, it adds texture to the package.


Is this shape too out of the ordinary for you?  Have you ever used hexagons in your decor?

Source:,,  Real Simple Weddings