Whiskey for Your Groomsmen

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Have you thought about what to get your groomsmen as a thank you for being in the wedding? My top 4 requirements for a good groomsmen gift: 1. Manly –  Ok, so I am probably being a bit generic here, … Continued

Catching the Garter

Is catching the garter an event men celebrate or fear? All eyes are on  you.  As the men gather around the dance floor by requirement… in fear, their significant others gather around and wait in anticipation. Every guy knows whoever the ‘lucky’ man is to catch … Continued

Groom’s Bouquet?

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I am pretty sure when you sat down with your florists and went over the flowers you needed for the ceremony a bouquet for the groom was not mentioned!  Then why in all of these pictures, Grooms are carrying the … Continued