Groom’s Bouquet?

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I am pretty sure when you sat down with your florists and went over the flowers you needed for the ceremony a bouquet for the groom was not mentioned!  Then why in all of these pictures, Grooms are carrying the bouquets?

No…do not pick up the phone and call your florist insisting on needing 1 extra bouquet…but at some point during the day the groom seems to always end up with the lavish bouquet.

What gentleman doesn’t offer to carry their ladies purse every now and then, why would the groom not want to help their bride hold the heavy bouquet? And I am sure those smiles are genuine…






Did your groom get his token picture with the bouquet?

Sources:  Getty Images, Rainy Day Photos, 123rf Photography, Jaci Clark, Brian Wedge Photography

  1. Ashley

    Too funny! Ihe guy in the last picture cracked me up. He didn’t look too happy to be holding the bouquet but the bouquet was gorgeous.