[B Fit] G: Grooms

Yes men, I am calling you out.

I hear way too much about bridal bootcamps and the juice diets brides go on months prior to their wedding. My question is why do the women go through so much stress and suffering to look their best, while the men are out having a drink at a local pub?

Guys – I dont want you joining the crazy and juicing your morning eggs and bacon, but if your wife is going to look hot walking down that aisle, you should care about your health and appearance too. Your nuptials do say “Through sickness and health”, and hopefully the more health you go through the happier the marriage will be.

This is a great way to burn off extra stress, spend time together and improve on those muscles that you had back on the high school football team (remember?).

This doesn’t have to be a “She goes to bootcamp and I hit the weight room”.  Sign up for a marathon together and commit to training together,  running it a few months before the wedding. Or block of an hour a day, a couple days a week to drive to the gym together and keep each other accountable. Finding activities such as hiking, skiing or tennis that get you outside moving will drastically change your relationship from the current work/eat/TV/sleep routine you could find yourself in.  There are no excuses when it comes to your health and it definitely helps to fit into your tux on your big day.

(mini rant beginning)

It Does Matter to Your Wife How You Look!

For some reason in our society when a woman gains weight we start hearing comments such as “she let herself go” or “she’s married so its fine” or “she’s had 3 kids”, while men will grow an impressive beer belly over the years and mums the word.

No Excuses!

When I hear men say, “Once you get married you don’t have sex anymore” I challenge him as to why. Your wife has a membership to the gym while he is typically working long hours and eating on the run. Yes, time and stress start to play their toll, but that’s life and if you are living healthy, active lives and are keeping the fun attraction to each other alive – the sex will still be there and enjoyable!

This is a two way street, your wife needs to be attracted to you just the same as you want her to have the same body she did when you met her!

(OK – mini rant is over!)

Grooms – Take an active role in caring about you and your brides health. Encourage her to workout with you and join in on activities that she does. Don’t be the groom who discourages your bride from eating healthy or skipping workouts. Your wedding is starting a new phase in both of your lives and starting it with healthy habits is the only way.