Guest Post :: Grooms list for Ensuring a Happy Marriage

Advice sent from a true gentlemen and happily married man! This is for you boys 🙂
  • Always put the toilet seat down
  • Place dirty clothes in the hamper/laundry bag instead of the floor
  • Carefully choose the side of bed you sleep on your first night after marriage… will spend the next 30 years sleeping on that side
  • If a household repair needs to be done, save time, money pain and suffering by paying someone else to fix it
  • When asked if her shoes match her outfit, always answer with the question “How do you like them?”. She already knows the answer, she wants to prove you don’t.
  • If she asks if an outfit makes her look fat, immediately respond with faking an injury and getting out of the room.
  • If she is upset, go ahead and say you’re sorry. You can figure out later what you did.
  • When she experiments with new recipes that don’t work, use adjectives such as interesting, exotic, “once in a lifetime” taste. If that doesn’t work, fake an injury and get out of the room
  • Finally, always remember when Mom is happy, everyone in the house is happy!!

What is more advice from grooms or newlywed men to share on how to stay married and enjoy every moment?!

2 Responses

  1. Pip Gray

    hah, love the one about asking if an outfit makes her look fat, i am often finding myself doing that typical girl thing where there is no possible response that will not result in me being offended- my poor long suffering fiance