Parents Know Best :: What do you want your daughter to know planning her wedding?

It is never too early to start compiling a list of what you are going to want your little girl to know when she begins to plan her dream wedding. Whether you are engaged, newlyweds or already have kids you all have had experiences that help you compile your life book of lessons.

I want to hear about all of the lessons learned while you were (or are) planning your wedding.  I asked my Twitter Favorites: “As a mother (or father) what would be the most important tips or advice you would want your daughter to know.” Check out the great ideas we have so far!

Hire great vendors, make the event reflect their personalities,keep guests comfy and let someone else sweat the small stuff. – @coutureplanner

If you don’t click with your photographer at first meeting, walk away–no matter how much you like the photos. – @kevinswancom

Dad still knows best, and even though you’re going to be married, you’re never too old to come to dad for advice.. oh and there better be an open bar at the reception (i’m paying for it after all). – @TheManRegistry

I would want her to know-her day should be about her couple and about having fun and of course about the wishpot wedding registry 🙂  – @gfit_girl

Not to get caught up in the drama. It’s about your love and commitment to each other. Stay true to what your vision is. It’s one day!  – @LazyBride

I’d remind her the Wedding is way less important than the Marriage- marry the right guy & work on the relationship. Wedding is secondary. – @keepingfeet

Make the day her own – Personalize the wedding with touches that reflect her and the groom’s interests, likes, and style. The smallest, personalized details can be what the couple and guests remember the most about the wedding.  A signature drink, unique wedding favors guests can use after the wedding, whimsical cakes placed on guest tables or a fun ice cream bar at the reception can create special memories of the wedding for her and her guests.

Hire wedding professionals – Let them work their magic and guide her and her groom in creating a vision for their wedding. By leaving the details of coordinating, planning, and taking care of all the behind the scenes details of their wedding, she will be able to reduce her stress and focus on enjoying one of the biggest celebrations of her life.

Take planning breaks – Enjoy the engagement! It’s a very special time in a couple’s life. Don’t let it be overshadowed by the stress of planning the wedding. Make sure she and her fiancé take the time to enjoy non wedding activities. As exciting as planning a wedding can be, her fiancé probably doesn’t want to talk about it nonstop.

Remember the significance of her wedding day – More important than any detail big or small is the fact that her and her husband are leaving their past behind them and starting a new life together. They are pledging their love for each other in front of family and friends. If hurricane force winds are blowing on the day of the wedding or the wrong cake was delivered, while it would be disappointing, she can’t let it overshadow the meaning their special day  – @ElegantFavors

If my daughter is as beautiful as my wife on her wedding day it won’t matter where she plans it, what the flowers look like of who the photographer is.. it will be perfect. – @jjeaton

Many thanks to everyone who participated…Leave comments with your advice and lessons learned!

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  1. Globetrotting Bride

    Great post! I’d add in to splurge on a great photographer and videographer. After the big day, all you’ll have left to remember it are the photos and video.

  2. Mom E.

    That jjeaton guy sounds like a keeper…………