Beau – Coup :: Custom Stamp

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If your wedding has over 50 people and you don’t have room in your budget to hire a calligrapher, I would suggest purchasing a custom stamp to help your invitation process run smoothly! It adds a personal touch to your invitations instead of running them all through a printer, and takes seconds.  Not only is it a great thing to have for your invitations but you can reuse it for your thank you cards and as long as you don’t move, use for all of your mail!

This is one of the many styles found at Beau Coup, check out their website for their designs and colors!

These stamps are great to have even if you aren’t planning at 350 person wedding! But I do promise it will make the process much less painful if you are planning on addressing all of your own invitations!

Check out their Website: Beau-Coup