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After the wedding is planned. your last invitation has been sent out, and the final program printed, your focus moves to the one thing that you can not change… the weather!!  There are so many superstitions told about rain on your wedding day: rain is lucky; the rainier the day, the more children you will have; the Italian saying “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata“, which means that a wet bride is a lucky bride!  It might be lucky if it rains on your wedding day, but I think most brides will take their chances and pray for no rain!

My outlook on rain is that it is one of the few things you have no control over, so don’t let it stress you out.  I admit: I was one of the many brides who checked the weather once a day, every day, two weeks prior to the wedding (OK, so maybe it was three times a day).  But considering it stormed all morning on my wedding day and cleared up to be hot and humid for the ceremony- I learned my lesson well!

There are two things that can help prepare you for rain on your wedding day: an adorable umbrella and unique rainboots.  My opinion is, if it is going to rain, you might as well remember it with great pictures!! Here are a few examples of how brides kept a positive attitude on their rainy wedding day!!

The red umbrella creates a picture-perfect opportunity on a rainy day!

Why let the rain ruin your day? Just soak it up!!

Don’t let it figuratively rain on your day!  Always remember, when the day is over, you will be married and on your way to your honeymoon—hopefully somewhere sunny and warm!!!

To help you plan for rain, check out these two great sites:

I love the umbrellas at Bella Umbrella and the rain boots at What a Pair.

You have one day for your wedding…don’t let a little water make it anything less than unforgettable!!

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