Honeymoon in Chicago

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When you start planning your honeymoon, romantic destinations begin to pop into your head such as Bora Bora, Tahiti and the Greek Isles. While these destinations are lavish and once in a lifetime trips, not everyone has the time or money to make these commitments.  I came across this great post on Wedding Bee about planning your honeymoon in one of the great cities right here in the Midwest, Chicago.

Being from Chicago, I know all of the stand-out restaurants, hotels and activities you can experience in the city! You will never get bored, either enjoying your alone time in a 5 star hotel, or spending the evening at one of the many wine bars, restaurants or Broadway shows in the area.  You can savor a five course meal or check out the famous Giordano’s Pizza for a more casual feel.

Check out Wedding Bee’s recommendations on what to see and do while on your honeymoon in Chicago!!

What city would you recommend spending your honeymoon in?

Source:  Wedding Bee