Luxury Loos :: Outdoor Weddings

You have finished planning your breathtaking outdoor wedding dripping in elegance, with a complete open bar for your guests.  Everyone’s first thought will be where do we use the bathroom after a few of these complimentary drinks!  This is not always the most glamorous part of planning a wedding, but I suggest in order to keep your friends and family members happy you think this through!

I encourage you to embrace a higher style and order a luxury loo for your event, ensuring your guests comfort.  Pictured below is Premier Luxury Loo’s, out of England, but if you are here in the U.S. they have plenty of these upscale restrooms to rent!

From the outside it may not look like anything special…


But when you walk inside you are greeted with granite counter tops, floral arrangements and plenty of mirror space to freshen up!






I realize this is not the most romantic thing to discuss and plan for while organizing your wedding!  But I would challenge you to provide a luxury loo for your guests at your wedding and I guarantee that this will be one more detail that will WOW them!

Source: Premier Luxury Loos