Memorable Menus for your Wedding

When I suggest serving a memorable meal at your wedding I am not talking about breaking the bank in top of the line steaks and hosting nine courses.  I love when couples serve meals that have history along with them. An example of a Memorable Meal – Bubbly Bride style would be: thinking back to when you first met and went on your first date, or the delicious food you ate the night you got engaged!

I remember 6 years ago my first date with my husband was spent at a local Chinese restaurant in the area.  Although Chinese food might not be a typical meal served at a wedding, it will mean so much more once you let your guests know why they are eating that certain meal.  I would offer egg drop soup, fried rice and a yummy chicken dish!


Maybe you were engaged after a laid back evening in your apartment with simply ordering pizza and a movie.  A way to tie this meal into your wedding, is offering midnight snacks of your special pizza.  I suggest you or your groom take a minute to tell a short story about your experience why this meal is personalized for your friends and family.  Your guests will be able to tell that you put thought into the event and will be grateful that you shared a part of your life with them!


How did you customize the menu to make it a memorable event for your guests?

Source: Ambrosia, Marco Polo