Marriage At Sea

If you aren’t having any luck finding the venue of your dreams on land, why not look outward to the wide open sea!  Carnival Cruise offers wedding packages for couples who choose to get married while on board!

Your guests will only have the cruise expense, and once they arrive on the ship they have all of their food and lodging paid for!  Make sure you give everyone enough notice so they can schedule this time away from work. Also, be considerate of your guests’ time and schedule your wedding for a 3-day cruise, than you still have the extra week to spend with just you and your hubby!


Take advantage of when the boat ports on the different islands to take your photographer and get unforgettable pictures on the beaches!  I would suggest considering a Trash the Dress session on one of the islands. The beach and the ocean will ensure beautiful pictures!


** I have yet to meet a bride who choose to get married while on a cruise.  If you are one of these brides I would love to hear your story, send me an email with pictures of your experience!

Source: Carnival Cruise Ship