Modern Wedding Invitations :: lowercase fonts

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As you decide the exact wording for your wedding invitations, do not be so quick to overlook the font style.  Simple details such as changing the front to lowercase can create a much more modern feel and change the style of the invitations. This change in font gives your invitation a not so formal feel and tells your guests to expect a fun modern wedding.




I suggest finding a font or two to call your own, and carry it throughout the save the dates, invitations, programs etc.  This will keep a consistent feel with all the paper for your wedding.  Looking back over all of it, you will love the way the lowercase flows together.  Also combining lowercase print and script will add a unique look that your friends probably weren’t expecting!

There are so many talented wedding designers that specialize in fonts and finding one that fits your personality as a couple.  I highly recommend working closely with one to create invitations that you will be proud to send out as a sneak preview to your wedding.

How did you differentiate your font on your invitations?

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