Tying up the Details :: Corset Style Dresses

It is in the details where you can find the most beautiful designs and styles for your big day.  Corset Style dresses are a beautiful example of how a dress can be classy but still o-so sexy!


I love the contrasting black tie corset against the white wedding dress.  This adds for a very dramatic back while you are saying your I Do’s.



One great reason to use a corset tie-up dress is to save on alterations. You can tie the dress tighter/looser as the big day gets closer.

One warning I would like to make is beware how tight you tie it!  Although you don’t want your dress to fall off, nerves will get to you as you prepare to walk down the aisle and all of a sudden the dress feels a lot tighter than it did minutes earlier!  Breathe easy on your big day!

Sources: Luminka, Zenhobo, Cymbeline USA