Where NOT to eat before your Wedding Day

When in doubt, fry it. At The Chip Shop in Brooklyn, New York, you can experience the greasiest, fattiest fried food there is. Owner Chris Sell opened the restaurant in 2001 and brought his passion for frying British chips to New York. Unusual items include hard-boiled eggs, pudding, mac and cheese, candy bars, cupcakes and Twinkies…ALL FRIED!


You read a lot about the ‘right’ diet and the ‘right’ fitness routine to get you in the best shape of your life for your wedding day. What you don’t read about are those celebrations with friends and outings to new restaurants that turn into guilty pleasures during a stressful planning process.  This is a restaurant you might NOT want to eat at before your big day…


I guarantee they will surprise you with all of the creative foods they have thrown in the fryer!  Check out this picture of Fried Pizza…as if the pizza wasn’t greasy enough!  They will even let you bring in your own food to fry, get creative and be daring while trying new things at the Chip Shop.

Fried Twinkie


There is something about this place that keeps guests coming back over and over again to give into their need for grease!  Again, not recommended before your wedding day.. but maybe you can send the boys out here the morning after the bachelor party. 🙂

Source: The Chip Shop