Wedding Music :: High School Orchestra

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DJs and Bands are the life of the party, when everyone is getting tired they can keep you dancing on the dance floor.  You want to definitely put time into choosing which DJ or Band’s style fits your wedding, and always let them know your expectations for them during the reception.

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While you want a DJ who will be able to help direct your reception, at the wedding ceremony you might also want live music, but the costs will start climbing when you are hiring more than one band/DJ.  Harps, Violins, Cellos and Pianos will all create beautiful music for the day of your wedding, but how do you hire within your budget?

You don’t need to think past your hometown high school.  Yes, where you spent 4 years of your life – can finally give back to you.  Schedule a meeting with the orchestra director and explain to him what type of music you desire for your ceremony and ask to hire some of the senior students for an hour on the weekend.  The kids will love the experience, and you will be surprised how professional they will treat the situation.

If you are a more ‘hands on’ bride and get nervous about kids playing at your wedding, give them enough time to practice and then schedule with them to hear it for yourself about a week out.

I think this is a great idea to help you save money and incorporate your old high school into your wedding.  Your guests will enjoy the youth participation and be impressed at how beautifully they play!