Budget Basics :: Styrofoam Wedding Cake

You have always dreamed of a 7 layer decadent cake standing tall as the center of attention at your wedding.  While dreams can and do come true, it might not be the conventional way – your wallet may not permit it!  I don’t want you to pass on your ideal wedding cake, but let’s get creative with alternatives.

You can buy a 5-7 layer Styrofoam wedding cake for around $5 at some places.  They key to saving money is at most bakeries, wedding cakes per slice can become expensive very quickly, with the fillings and colors and designs.  Plan to have layers 2 -6 Styrofoam and layer 1 & 7 real cake.  The bottom layer is real so you can use it to cut the cake as newlyweds and the top layer is for you to take home and freeze for your one year anniversary.


Here is what your evening will look like with a styrofoam cake.  First, no one will know it isn’t real! The cake will be standing tall in the middle of the dance floor until it is time to cut the cake, you and your husband will go up to it, cut and share the first piece together.  The banquet servers will whisk the cake off the dance floor to ‘cut’ it in the back where all of your sheet cakes will be waiting. Sheet cakes are not only a great way to save money but also are much easier to quickly cut into 250+ slices. They will save the top of your cake, discard of the remaining styrofoam and serve the delicious flavors you choose to serve your guests!

Goal accomplished…Save money while displaying a beautiful cake and satisfying your sweet tooth!


Source: Wicked Cake Shop, Cake Central