Married on a Post-It

Are Meredith and McDreamy really married? Do you need the flowers and fancy dress to seal the deal on marriage or is a post-it enough? Personally, I adore the Post-It Marriage shown on Grey’s Anatomy this season.


Together they sat down and agreed upon what they wanted their marriage to promise to one another.

1. To love each other even when they hate each other.

2. No running.

3. To take care of each other even when they are old, senile and smelly.

4. That this is forever.

In the mix of planning a year-long celebration full of flowers, cake flavors and DJs did you and your husband take the time to discuss this simple question of what you want to promise each other to make the marriage forever?  I loved this scene in Greys because it took what every couple makes into a big production and simplifies it into 4 promises.


Back to my first question…can you be married on a Post-It? Does this Post-It marriage mean any less of a commitment between the couple?  I don’t think so. I strongly believe whether you are inviting 200+ people to your wedding, or sitting in a locker room, promising to take care of each other forever—the feelings behind the vows are what matters.  If you want the sacred day to be shared by just you and your husband avoid the expectation that you have to invite your entire family along for the ride.

In the end…it is just you, your new husband and 4 simple promises.

Source: YouTube