Where Would Your Destination Be?

If you could choose anywhere in the world.. where would you have your destination wedding?

I had the classic hometown big celebration with 250+  of all of my family and friends, which I would not trade for the world.  But my mind always wonders where I would have gone if I had planned a destination wedding.  If I had to choose from anywhere in the world to venture to, with just my closest friends and immediate family, where would I end up?
Italy Part 1 211

I am sure I could have a different answer every day of the week, today my answer is overwhelmingly Cinque Terre! If you ever get the chance to visit I highly suggest it!  This is not only one of the most beautiful areas I have visited, but so peaceful and full of culture! My dream destination wedding is 6 – 10 of my closest, with the picture above as my backdrop and then jetsetting over to Greece for my Honeymoon.  Just because you have the classic hometown wedding planned .. doesn’t mean you can’t dream!  What is your dream destination?