Sweet Cake or MEAT cake?

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Next time you take your fiance cake tasting, consider all of the options from sweet cakes to meat cakes.  Let me clarify, I am not suggesting serving your guests a 4 course dinner and then surprising them with a slice of meat for dessert instead of buttercream sweetness.


Personally I think this meat cake is semi disgusting… but I am sure my husband thinks otherwise!  As much as I might not crave a meat cake, I do think it is a fun idea for a grooms cake.  Present it at the wedding as a late night option for the guys who are getting hungry again around midnight, or have it at the rehearsal dinner for a manly touch in honor of the groom.  Instead of creamy icing spread on typical cakes… get creative and spread creamy mashed potatoes around your meat cake to add a sweet touch.  If anything this cake will add some humor and I guarantee that a few of the gentlemen in your group will appreciate it!

What other creative cakes have you seen at events?