Something Blue

The  ‘Something Blue’ tradition started to represent  the couple’s fidelity to each other on the wedding day.  Some brides have trouble finding their something blue, hopefully this will help start your creative juices thinking of where you can incorporate this fun color.


If you don’t want to make a big statement with your Something Blue and keep it more low key, I suggest trying blue toenail polish when you get your pedicure.  It will be much more subtle than bright blue shoes!


Other Blue ideas are:

  • Blue flowers in your bouquet, such as hydrangeas
  • Lingerie with touches of blue
  • A dramatic blue-red lipstick
  • Tiny blue details, such as flowers, scattered on a long veil
  • A delicate pale blue barrette
  • A beautiful blue Austrian crystal
  • A blues band at your reception
  • A silk, midnight blue wedding gown (who says it has to be white?)



Source: Hy Studio, Julianne Smith Garters, April Ohare Photography