Something New

Buying Something New is usually a lot easier for brides, due to all of the possibilities.. your dress…jewelery…your veil.. shoes.. the options are endless! I don’t think many of you out there will need help with finding ‘Something New’ on your wedding day but if so here are some ideas:

  • Your wedding gown
  • A veil
  • Wedding lingerie for your first night married
  • A brand new set of makeup or special makeup/eyeshadow
  • A tiara or brooch to put in your hair
  • New nail polish color
  • An engraved garter

Jewelry: a bracelet, earrings or a classic pearl necklace


New colorful shoes to stand out or white to match your dress

Wearing a new item on your wedding day represents your new and exciting marriage with your husband and your new family together!  What did you wear as your ‘Something New’ on your big day?