Unique Date Idea for $20

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When you and your boyfriend are trying to come up with a fun date idea here is a suggestion that won’t take long and will be a fun start to the night.


Head to the closest Target, Walmart, Meijer or even Macy’s.  The more upscale the store, the more of a challenge you will have staying within your budget.  Give each other a $10 limit to spend and a 25 – 30 minute time frame.  Split up and spend time shopping for a small gift for the other person.  You will be surprised with a small budget how creative you can get with a gift, and who doesn’t love getting gifts:).  My boyfriend and I have done this and end up laughing so hard sometimes at what we end up with!  You can create rules around the gift such as it has to begin with a certain letter or be in the others favorite color-  or you can just let loose in the store and see what the other person ends up with.

Many guys have the same first reaction ‘I hate shopping, what kind of fun date is that’?  My two responses to that are 1. You will love the smile on your girlfriends/wife’s face when you bring her back even the smallest of gift and 2. This isn’t just shopping, this is shopping with a mission!  You have one goal to accomplish and it is to find something that will surprise, excite and make your girl smile!

One suggestion is set the rule that the $10 gift has to be something that you ‘can do together for the evening’.  You would be surprised how many things under $10 you can find at Target.. I wont leave you with any hints but you can go in many directions with this 🙂

What are other budget dates you and yours have been on?!