Fine China or Wii Console?

This is the question many of today’s couples are asking themselves.  Since most couples have lived on their own for a few years and have collected kitchenware and house necessities that are still updated and working well – what is left for them to register for?  Is it appropriate to ask for a new Wii instead of that 200 dollar serving dish?  Will a guest be willing to purchase a new camping set or fitness equipment instead of bathroom towels? What will your guests think??



Wait.. did I just say what will your GUESTS think?  Your registry is meant solely to help guide your guests to give a gift in celebration with YOU for YOUR upcoming marriage.  I can see how this can be a sticky situation – especially if you are inviting a lot of traditionalist who may see buying the most updated Iphone for you as a waste of their money.  Is it better to register somewhere and  return the gifts later for money… (I hate to say that this does happen) – and I think it is a waste of everyone’s time!  If you are already established and have your china set and serving bowls,  I fully support picking out movies, outdoor equipment or entertainment games.  As I mentioned earlier, your registry is a guide not a requirement.  If your friends and family don’t feel comfortable with any of your requests on your registry, than they have the choice to present a gift in another route such as monetary or however they choose.

Couples also set up ways to donate money towards their honeymoon online or a charity that they may request donations instead of a gift.  Either way, you are offering another suggestion for your guests to give you a gift in celebration, outside of the traditional bedding and dishes.

What are you registering for.. Fine China or Wii ?