Hawaiian Honeymoon :: Trilogy Catamaran

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Waking up at 5:15 AM is not my idea of a vacation, but the sights that are experienced on this Trilogy snorkeling catamaran are unbelievable. You board the boat while it is still dark and enjoy cinnamon rolls and coffee to wake up.  One great part of Trilogy specifically is that you are on a sailboat with less than 40 people and it feels intimate.  You are able to see everyone’s faces and interact as a group.  Many of the other snorkeling boats seem a bit like they are herding cattle with 100 plus people trying to move around a double-decker boat.  The small staff of 3 sailing the boat are very entertaining and fun to sail the seas with.


You begin by heading over to Lanai or Molokini to snorkel, if you are traveling during the winter months, November – January, you sail right through a large area for whales.  Whales pop up everywhere around your boat.  The law is you must stay 100 feet away from the whales, apparently the whales aren’t aware so they will pop up a few feet away and all we can do on the boat is kill the motor, watch and wait. After a relaxing sail across the water, you come to the island of Molokini and jump into the blue water to see some of the most unbelievable tropical fish you can ever imagine. After swimming for an hour with the unique fish of Hawaii, you are whisked off to Turtle Town where you swim with turtles as big as you.  These turtles will swim right up to you and say hello.

The trip home is relaxing and exciting all at the same time.  Soak up the sun, enjoy the whales and the calming sounds of the water while eating a delicious BBQ lunch on the boat.