Wedding Health :: Eat Chocolate

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Chocolaty Goodness….. I realize that this wedding health series has stretched out over the last few weeks but bear with me, this is my favorite one!  EAT CHOCOLATE!… or indulge in whatever you crave.  Don’t overindulge enough to counteract your other healthy activities but do not deny yourself prior to your wedding day.

I feel the year before your wedding has turned into a punishment.  Now a days you can’t get married in the venue you want, or secure the best photographer because everyone is booked up over a year out.  The year before your wedding is not supposed to be all work and no play, your engagement period is supposed to be filled with excitement and enjoyment. You should be attending engagement parties, and bridal showers while celebrating with your friends – not hyperventilating because your pink flowers don’t match your pink invitations.  This is why I think one of the top health suggestions is to Eat Chocolate.

Be in the mindset of portion control,  and in the practice of taking care of yourself.   I believe in having EVERYTHING in moderation. Don’t avoid all carbohydrates because you think they will make you fat, or give up sweets all together.  You will crave strawberries dipped in chocolate (my favorite from, cupcakes, and decadent rich chocolate cake. If you don’t give yourself some freedom to indulge (just a little bit), you will become bitter that you aren’t allowing yourself to enjoy, whether you realize it or not.  Avoid feeling obligated to act a certain way or maintain a certain look.  Let yourself make your own decisions and indulge in what is most important to you!

So, Eat chocolate. Have the last piece of pie. Skip your next workout session.  Go out with your friends next Saturday night. Close your wedding planning books and watch a TV marathon. Cancel your next appointment because the sun is out.  Go on a date with your future husband.  And most importantly EAT CHOCOLATE 🙂

How did you indulge throughout your engagement period?