Unique Guestbook for Couples Looking to Challenge their Guests

I have mentioned numerous times on my blog that many people can sign there name on a sheet a paper and conduct a form of roll call at your wedding. You want to remember your guests not only by their name but by their personality that they brought to your day. If you aren’t hosting a formal event, or even if you are – and you want to introduce some fun to your day order this book, 642 Things to Draw.

This book will allow your group to not only leave their signature, but a drawing of their choice. Trust me this will allow your guests a good laugh at the wedding and you will have a great book of memories of your day! Whether it is as simple as a sandwich or as complex as a string quartet – let your guests get creative while they wait for you to walk down the aisle!


Chronicle Books

Also you can find it at Amazon and search through the inside of the book to get a sneak peek.