Do You Allow +1’s On Your Guest list?

Where do you draw the line on who you allow to bring a +1?

Did you make the decision based on your budget or your relationships?

Deciding who to invite to your wedding is hard. The thought of wedding planning is fun and exciting. Once you get into the nitty gritty it becomes stressful and frustrating at times, especially when the guest list comes into play. You aren’t just picking color schemes you are deciding on real people that you have close relationships with.

While some brides want big weddings and insist “the more the merrier”, other brides struggle to cut their lists down to fit into a certain venue or stay within a certain budget. The big questions hits all brides, who do I let bring a +1?

The different +1 Possibilities

Photo: Meyer Felix

The distant aunt or uncles’ boyfriend/girlfriend

This is family. You want them to bring someone they are close to, but you haven’t seen your aunt in 7 years since the last family wedding.  Also… didn’t your aunt just meet this guy at a random speed dating event?

Your friend’s long time boyfriend/girlfriend

Your closest friend has been dating their significant other for 6 years. They live in Germany so you’ve never met him directly but you know he will be around to stay.

Your friends jerk of a boyfriend

You know him too well and you can’t stand him. You don’t know what your friend sees in him and you can’t wait for the day that they are no longer a couple…but she loves him.

Your friend’s Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend

The title ex is there for a reason. Your best friend approaches you and requests to bring his long time girlfriend, now ex girlfriend, to your wedding. You have heard their crazy fights and you question if they will ruin your wedding.

Your Single Friends

They have no boyfriend or girlfriend, they haven’t been dating anyone for the past 6 months, but do you make them show up alone? Do you give them the option to bring a friend or do you create a singles table and let them mix together?

These are only a few of the +1 possibilities and each one is a tough decision. Every bride will make a different decision and there is no right or wrong answer.

How did you decide who received a +1?