[B Fit] J :: Jumping Jacks

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Start Jumping.


Jumping Jacks are my number one go to move when I want to get my heart rate up. This is an exercise that can be simplified or advanced depending on your fitness level and doesn’t need any equipment to complete. So as usual, NO EXCUSES.

  • Before your next workout, do 100 jumping  jacks to kick off your warm up and get your blood pumping.
  • Next time you are traveling and your hotel doesn’t have a gym? Add in a set of 1 minute of jumping jacks in between your body weight strength routine.
  • Active rest at the gym? Jumping Jacks!
  • If regular jumping jacks are too simple, do squat jacks.

This is a full body, heart racing exercise that you will learn to love.

Although I believe you should make time for yourself and schedule a date with the gym to workout, I understand that when you are wedding planning and working a full time job, there isn’t much time left.

When was the last time  you added jumping jacks to your routine? Try them out and let me know how it goes!