What it Looks Like to be a Thankful Bride

We have all heard stories or experienced first hand Bridezillas. Stressed brides who come off as rude and ungrateful. It takes a lot of dedicated people and moving parts to put together a wedding to remember and I suggest as the bride, you slow down long enough to thank those who are working hard alongside you.


What does a thankful bride look like?

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it and your actions attached to it. Before you start complaining because the shade of red on the invitation is slightly darker or the bridal shower isn’t the blow out event you imagined, think about the work that went in behind the scenes.  When and if you voice your concerns, keep them focused on the facts and avoid using accusations.

Be humble. Yes, the day is all about you, but you most likely haven’t gotten to where you are today alone. Everyone you have invited to your wedding has most likely played a part and made an impact on your life, remember this as they all gather together to celebrate with you.

Give those closest to you extra lovin’! Sometimes when life gets exciting and busy those closest to you get pushed aside. Make sure you plan extra time not wedding planning, but simply spending time with your bridesmaids and family.

After the wedding is over write thank you notes. Yes, I didn’t say email thank you notes – write them! Take the time to acknowledge the wonderful gifts that you received and say thank you. Thank your guests for joining you on your big day and let them know that you are glad they are in your life.

At the end of the day you will be married, despite everything that went wrong and with the help of everyone who loves and supports you.

Be thankful for the good parts and take time to consider if the mishaps are worth exploding over.

How did you thank your guests, bridal party and family at your wedding?