Board Games at Your Wedding?

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Would you consider having board games at your wedding?

Is this a unique gesture¬†for friends and family who don’t want to dance, or is this assuming people will be bored at your wedding and it’s your responsibility to entertain them?

I love a good round of Monopoly or a game of charades – but I would suggest keeping the games to decoration only, or in the kids section of the room for this theme.

Your wedding is a chance for all of the most important people in your life to gather together and support you. Even if it turns out to be a room full of strangers this is their chance to make new friends. They all have something in common…YOU! Instead of encouraging them to hide out in the corner of the room with a game of chutes and ladders, open up the dance floor and tables for everyone to mingle.

If you love board games and are reading this with your wedding themed picked out, decorated with apples to apples and Pictionary¬†– that’s ok! I like the idea of creating a wedding theme around board games, if that’s what you and your second half enjoy, I just think you should keep it to the theme and not the main activity.

Use your favorite board games as centerpieces on each table or to display the food. You could giveaway the game to a lucky guest at each table, or use the wedding to build up your own collection of games. Either way, people come to your wedding to celebrate you and be involved in your big event, not to challenge their table mates to a competitive game of scrabble.

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