[B Fit] O :: Obliques for Bridal Fitness

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While you are attempting to sculpt your perfect body for your wedding day, don’t forget about your obliques!

When most women are doing ab work, they stick with the basic crunches and planks which focus on the rectus abdominus (the 6 pack section). Obliques serve as stabilizers, and are engaged in almost every lifting movement, and physical activity we do. It is extremely important that we build them up to be strong during our b fit series.

Here are my favorite exercises for working your obliques:

Dumbbell Side Bend

– Hold a dumbbell at your side and stand tall.

– Bend at the waist, directly to one side and return to a full standing position.

– If your back starts to hurt, lessen your range of motion or grab a lighter weight.

oblique side bend
photo via fitness magazine

Russian Twist

– Sit on the ground with your knees bent and lean slightly back. *Most important here is keeping your back straight and not letting it curve. This will get easier as your abs get stronger

– Pull your belly button towards your spine, breathe in and twist to the right while you breathe out. Return to the center with a breath in and repeat the same movement to the left. This completes one full rep.

– To make this exercise more difficult pick your feet up off the ground and hold a heavier weight in your hand.

– To make it easier, keep your heels on the ground and don’t lose any weights, just focus on the twisting movement.

russian twist
photo via fitbie

Windshield Wipers

– Start laying on the ground, with your back pressed into the floor and arms spread out for support.

– Slowly rotate your legs to one side and then the other, keeping your abdominal muscles engaged.

– Be careful to protect your back during this exercise and just not throw your legs to one side and the other. Ypu want each movement to be controlled.

– Begin by bending your legs, but as your abs get stronger you can straighten your legs in the area and lower them closer to the floor.

– Don’t forget to breathe!

windshield wiper oblique exercise
photo via Prevention

Oblique V-Ups

– Lay on your side with your arms crossed in front of you.

-Lift your shoulders and feet off the ground and hold for 20 – 30 seconds before releasing

– This is a small movement but will engage your obliques and start to strengthen them. As you get stronger you will be able to bring your body higher up into the V shape.

– Be careful not to use your neck, all of the lifting should come from  your obliques.

oblique v ups
photo via Mens Health Magazine

You have my 4 favorite oblique moves to add to your bridal fitness routine. Let me know if you have other exercises you use to strengthen your obliques, or if you have any questions on these!

Be Fit Brides!