Finding Romance While Planning a Wedding

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Valentines Day just passed, did you and your significant other forget? Or maybe you decided to not do anything big this year with all of the money being spent and plans filling your schedule.

Don’t feel bad, it’s understandable with planning a wedding, that romance is the last thing on your mind. The only thing you can think about is what color linens to order, is your dress going to fit in 4 months and should you go with chocolate or vanilla filling for the cake.

Tough choices, I know.


I’m here to urge you to not put off the romance in your relationship and schedule time to remember why you are getting married. Set time aside where you and your fiance aren’t allowed to talk about the wedding. Go out and do something fun (do you remember what fun is?).

Wedding planning is stressful. As our stress builds we tend to take it out on those closest to us which means heightened emotions, shorter fuses and typically more bickering during the engagement period. This is unfortunate since your engagement period should be spent in celebration and good spirits looking forward to the exciting adventures you and yours get to enjoy.

So, how do you bring back the romance in the relationship when you’re planning a wedding?

Plan a weekend getaway

It’s hard to separate yourself from the wedding planning when you are hanging out in your own house that is piled up with invitations, wedding magazines and seating charts. You need to get away. Your weekend doesn’t have to be spent across the country, just find a hotel downtown or in the town over where you can relax together and spend time away from wedding planning. Your relationship will thank you!

Surprise each other

Surprises are always welcome throughout the wedding planning time. Cook dinner unexpectedly, pick up a small gift from one of her favorite stores or clean the dishes when it’s not your turn. Small surprises will help you remember that there still can be romance in the relationship and you both still have those ‘butterflies in your stomach’ love for each other that you did while you were dating.

Spend time with friends

It’s easy during the wedding planning to hole up in your apartment and focus on all of the to do’s you have to cross off before the big day. Never forget why you are throwing the beautiful wedding, in order to celebrate with your friends and family. You will be surprised how therapeutic a night of laughing with your friends can be. So really – go call your friends right now and make a date!

Use your words

It is amazing how quickly we can forget how to communicate with each other. Once you get into a long term relationship maybe we think we don’t have to try as hard, or say as much, the other person should ‘just know’. I don’t agree!  Let each other know that you still think they are the cat’s meow! Tell them that they look nice when they get dressed up, tell them you love them and you can’t wait to marry them. I know it sounds cheesy, but it helps to hear it sometimes. Make sure you say thank you to each other as you help out around the house and with the wedding plans. Don’t assume anything, use your words and communicate!

Here are 4 of my top suggestions, what would you add to my list? How have you and your fiance kept the romance alive while you are planning a wedding?