J ::Jumping::

jump for joy v : feel extreme happiness or elation [syn: exult, walk on air, be on cloud nine]

At some point during your engagement, you’ve felt as if you are walking on air…unable to contain your excitement and want to jump for joy! If you like to let loose and have fun with your pictures, I highly suggest the “jumping” picture for your wedding!  It allows everyone’s outgoing personality shine through and lets you look back at your day and see a photo capturing the true energy surrounding your wedding.  This fantastic picture is the combined effort of everyone in the bridal party jumping at exactly the right time that the photographer snaps the picture.  Be patient- it might take a few tries, but you will love the final product!   Rich Miller Photography knows how to evoke emotion out of the bridal party as you can see in these great shots:

Kick off your shoes, let your hair down and celebrate like these girls! 

Wedding by Color

You and your groom have worked endless hours planning your wedding, and the day has come!  You’re officially husband and wife and have so much to look forward to.  Don’t let anything get you down on this special day.  Celebrate. Laugh. JUMP FOR JOY!!

David Bampton Stuido

Warning: The jumping picture will only work under one condition: that everyone in the bridal party is 100% committed to jumping as high as possible with as much energy as they have in them!  If you have one half-hearted groomsman on the end of the jumping line, he will stick out like a sore thumb!

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  1. Gretchen

    I LOVE your blog! I found it via keepingfeet and was so excited to see Rich Miller’s photography on your post becuase he’s photographing my wedding this September!!! I couldn’t be more excited about working with him, especially after finding out that he photographed the wedding of one of the other photographers we were looking at. I look forward to reading more from you;)