T :: Trash the Dress

What did you do with your wedding dress after your wedding? Is it still sitting in your closet waiting to get cleaned? Are you hoping one day your daughter will wear it, or are you just holding on to it for nostalgic reasons? Trash the Dress is a new trend where brides take pictures in the dirt, water, etc. “trashing their dresses.”  I the reasoning behind it is that you are telling your friends and family that you are in this marriage for good, and will never need to wear a wedding dress again. If you are willing to get a little dirty in your dress you can have some really spectacular pictures! The two pictures below are extreme, but so original I love the inspiration!

These water pictures are beautiful, their dresses spread out and seem weightless.

If you aren’t looking to trash your dress alone, get your new husband involved and have fun ruining your wedding clothes together!

I think it would be fun when all of your close group of friends are married to have a “Trash the Dress” party and all chip in on a top photographer to take pictures trashing your dresses together!

Many photographers are really beginning to embrace these trash the dress photo sessions.  They allow you to really dig deep and pull out your personality and creativity! Check with your photographer, even if they have never had a trash the dress session before, maybe he or she will do it for a discount to help build their portfolio.  You never know until you ask 🙂

What are your thoughts on trashing your wedding dress? Would you be willing to wear it into the ocean?

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5 Responses

  1. Lindsey

    These are brave, brave brides…I don’t think I could do that to my dress;-) Although the bottom of it may look like the muddy picture at the end of the night=)

  2. Aylee of AyleeBits.com

    I would love to it. My fiance and I love the ocean so we would probably do it in the water. I’m planning to buy an evening gown/bridesmaid dress for my wedding dress so it’s pretty cheap. I wouldn’t mind it getting wet and dirty.

  3. Anonymous

    Although this is a unique idea that produces some cool photos, it seems like such a waste. To me, it would make more sense to donate it to Goodwill or something of the sort to make someone else’s wedding dreams come true.

  4. Weddings

    I have to disagree with Anonymous. Art, is not a waste. Also, the symbolism behind “trashing the dress” just doesn’t work the same if you just give it away. It represent that the bride will never need a wedding dress again, so she is free to destroy it and live happily in marriage.