Escort Cards :: Finding Your Table

How are you going to show your 200+ wedding guests where their tables are located in your beautifully decorated reception?  You will find there is no right or wrong way to “escort” your guests to their seats.  You can truly get creative from hanging the cards, designing shapes or even edible escort cards.


These nautical themed origami style boats would make a great DIY project for you!


I am picturing these umbrellas matched with their escort card and a welcome drink for your guests!  Have them waiting on a table so your friends and family can refresh themselves while finding their table!



I love how this couple used the nature around them, and hung them around a tree in the area! There is no need to stress over these cards or spend a large amount of money on this part of your wedding, get creative with what you have around you!


These escort cards are combined with a pashmina favor for their guests.  You can easily add a name and table number tag to any favor that you want to share with your guests.  This will be a great way for you to ensure your guests get their gifts, and double as a way to show them to their table.


How did you escort your guests to their seats?

Sources: DC Newlyweds, Cynthis Martyn, MimiandKarl Wedding Photography