Khaki :: The New Black

This year we will begin to see more and more khaki suits at weddings, especially during the spring and summer months! For brides and grooms who want to sport a more casual wedding affair, khaki is the way to go.  Your wedding will not sacrifice one bit of class or style, only highlight your accent colors and create a distinguished look for your bridal party.


Who needs Men in Black…check out these men in khaki. 🙂


I love how the khaki complements the white dresses without being overbearing.  It keeps a clean chic look when the couple is together.


Khaki suits still go with any and every color that you would want for your wedding but add a softer, more casual touch to the style!  It is a very clean look that will impress your guests!


I want to hear your opinions on Khaki Suits?

Would you let your groomsmen sport these?

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2 Responses

  1. Lindsey

    I personally will not be using khaki suits. My wedding is more formal, big church, big reception. And it’s a fall wedding with darker teals and greens, so it really wouldn’t fit. I do love them for summer weddings, especially outside!! Just totally depends on the theme, location, and time of year!

  2. Derricka

    These scream back yard wedding, in a really great way!