Save Your Guests From the Heat :: Fan Programs

As all of the upcoming spring and summer brides are preparing for their outdoor weddings, why not create a program that is not only informative but functional and fun!  I love these fan programs for outdoor weddings, they are a great DIY project that your guests will appreciate!


They are a bit time consuming but worth every minute! Make sure you order heavy card stock for your paper so that your fans aren’t flimsy.  Cut the ribbons to the length and thickness that you desire and then gather a group of your bridesmaids and start an assembly line!

*Find the perfect wording/font and print them at a local copy shop

* Cut out each fan section very carefully!

* Punch a hole in the lower portion of the fan section

*Loop the ribbon through all of the fan sections

* Admire your great work!!


**UPDATE: If you are interested in creating your own DIY fan download it below!

Wedding Fan Template (2043 downloads)

23 Responses

  1. Julist

    Much needed in a place like my town of Las Vegas, NV! It reached 90 degrees today!

  2. Anita

    I love this idea! Will you send me the template please!

  3. bonnie

    Yes I would like the fan template for my daughters July wedding for 2010

  4. Brenda

    I would love this template for our Women’s Luncheon coming up.

    Thank you.

  5. Tonya

    I am making this type fan for my sister’s wedding in July. It will be great for the over-hundred degree weather we’ve been having. Can I see your template for this type fan? Thank you!

  6. kyra

    could you send me the template. it looks like the program i’ve been looking for.

  7. Laquel Coleman

    Can you please send me the template. Also how are you making the cuts so precise. Any guidance will help. Thanks.

  8. Jenny

    I love the idea,, i’m going to get married this October and I’d like to do the same can you send me a template for this fan pattern?

  9. Samantha

    This is fantastic! Can you please send me a template as well? This will be great for my wedding in Bermuda.

    Thank you!

  10. Moana Keepa

    Hey there – was just wondering if I could have the template as well please?

  11. Samantha

    could i please have this template, I have been looking everywhere to find the paper for these!!!!

  12. Rosalene

    Am working on one now but the paper i ordered is very flimsy. Any place you would suggest on getting heavier card stock. The one I have now is 80lb.

  13. Danae Cochran

    I love this idea! Could you send me the template please. My daughter is getting married in August in the Beaufort, SC lowcountry…hot hot hot!

  14. Nicki

    These look awesome! I’m making fans for my friend’s wedding in Jamaica. Could you send me the template, please?


  15. JaCee

    I love these! Would you send me the template please?

    Thank you!!!

  16. Jan Gribbin

    these are exactly what my daughter has been looking for! Could you send me the templete and also, the round “C & J” is that a sticker? Do you know where we can find something like that? Thanks so MUCH!

  17. Rosi

    Please send template! I love this idea for my HOT August wedding! Thanks in advance

  18. Emily

    Love it! It’s beautiful! Could I get a copy of the template, please??