Table Names :: The Places You’ve Been

I love when I see creative table names at weddings.  Instead of sitting at Table #6 you could be sitting in San Diego, California or Florence, Italy!  The guests will be excited to spark up conversation about their locations.

Begin by listing out 25 (or however many tables you plan on having) different places that you and your fiance have been to together or have stories about.  You don’t only need to include vacation spots, but think of your first date location or where you got engaged…any place that is special to you both.

I would suggest splitting up the list of places and taking the time to write a short story about each one.  A quick paragraph describing why this place is important to you will serve for a highlight at your wedding!  It will let your guests learn more about you as a couple and share in the exciting adventures you’ve had together.

Another perk of providing these table stories is for your guests who don’t enjoy dancing or may not know many people there.  This will allow them to go around from table to table and stay entertained at the wedding instead of being forced to dance!

My favorite part of these table stories is they make perfect scrapbooks when the evening is over.  I personally did this at my wedding and I hope you love the photos of the darling scrapbook as I do!!

This idea will take some time and effort on your behalf but you will share so many great memories with your friends and family members. And I promise that you will love the product once you put all of the stories together and have a book of your lives over the years!

What creative way have you used fun table names?

3 Responses

  1. Ashley Moran

    What a creative idea! I just love it. It will take a little bit of work on the bride and groom’s part, but the enjoyment that your guests receive from reading about each place will be more than worth it.

  2. Kate

    We did a whole theme for our wedding which was travel. My husband and I travel a lot so we wanted to bring that into our wedding. I named all of our tables, kind of like you mentioned above, after places we had been. Then we named out table after where we were going on our honeymoon. It was fun to make all of the signs, etc. Our menus were made from airline boarding passes, escort cards were luggage tags and our invitations were made as passports. It was so much fun and people really enjoyed the personal touch.

  3. Caroline @ Bubbly Bride

    I Love the idea of using boarding passes and passports as your menus and escort cards! I would love to see pictures, email me at Caroline AT bubblybride DOT com!!