Week of Color: White + Ivory

You may think that a white and ivory wedding is a contradiction to my Week of Color.  I think walking into a purely white room can only enhance all of the color around you.  It will give a soft and romantic feel while highlighting every bit of color that your friends and family bring into the room.


If you need to tie in some color, add a fun design like the dress shown below from white house black market.


White + Ivory will always keep a clean sophisticated look that you can’t go wrong with!





Is this color scheme to plain for you?

Source: Bayshore Cakes,  The Finer Things,  Crumbs and Doilies, White House Black Market, Benjamin Adams, iStockphoto

2 Responses

  1. Lindsey

    My mom had a white wedding…it was pretty (even for the 1970s lol) She is dying for one of her daughters to have one!!! Looks like she’s down to Megan=) I think it can be made into something very classic and beautiful!!!