Luke + Brittany :: Wedding Highlights

Kevin Swan out did himself at the wedding last weekend of Brittany and Luke Pittman in Indianapolis!  600 people gathered to join in the celebration…and a celebration it was!  From the stunning church to the unbelievable backyard tent reception, every detail was planned and executed perfectly!  The pictures below are a small preview of the elaborate event that was put on to honor a wonderful marriage—keep a look out for more photos from Kevin on his website!


Classic picture of father with cigar helping flower girls tie their bow.  LOVE it! 🙂


Why have just one or two flower girls when you can five adorable gals walking down the aisle to “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi.



Truly the perfect backyard for a backyard wedding, so picturesque!




I was lucky enough to attend this wedding and I want to commend Kevin Swan on not only truly capturing the wedding moments, but I was amazed at the close-up shots that were taken during the ceremony while not distracting the wedding one bit!  I could probably spend an entire month highlighting the details at this breathtaking wedding, look for more to come soon. 🙂

Source: Kevin Swan: Photography for Luxury Weddings

3 Responses

  1. MaryE

    Kevin = genius with a camera.
    I was at this magnificient wedding, and seeing Jon McLaughlin was a highlight. Kevin has a wonderful picture of him on his blog.

  2. Lindsey

    That tent is nothing short of AMAZING!! The draping is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sue

    Nice wedding…very beautiful and very inspiring… You gave me some idea for my coming wedding…thanks!