Mother in Black

There are two schools of thoughts as to what a mother of the Bride or Groom should wear when attending their child’s wedding.

1)  Wear Black!  It is an attractive color on everyone and will match any color combination.  You will be able to wear the dress again to numerous functions, who doesn’t need a classic black gown?

2) Avoid Black like the Plague! Wearing black to your child’s wedding is making a statement as if you were attending a funeral that this is the death of your relationship with your son or daughter.  This is a time to celebrate not mourn!





What is your opinion?  Should  mothers slim down with black or avoid appearing like they are attending a funeral?

Source: Nordstrom, The Knot

4 Responses

  1. Ashley

    Unless the wedding is black and white themed, I personally don’t like the mothers dressing in black. It’s just too dark for a wedding.

  2. Gigi

    I’m the MOB and am very confused about this. I bought a beautiful black gown with a beaded jacket and my daughter love’s it but I keep reading about how tacky it would be. The bridesmaids are in wine colored dresses. Any comments, please?

  3. bubblybride

    The mother in black debate is strictly an opinion! There is no right answer for weddings, it is simply right for YOUR wedding. If your daughter loves the dress, and you feel comfortable and elegant in it, black is an attractive color. The pictures shown above are gorgeous black dress for mothers to wear! Wear it proud. 🙂