Simplified Seating at your Wedding

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Imagine with me:

You are one of the first to arrive at a friend’s wedding.  The usher offers his arm to you and asks you: bride or groom side…You kindly say you are with the bride and he walks you to the fifth row!

Do you slide down to the end of the aisle for the next guests, or do you kindly let new guests climb over you and move to the end of the aisle, so you are guaranteed the best seat in the house.  That is what I thought…I don’t blame you, you deserve to get one of the best seats…you were the first to arrive!


An easy way to solve the seating dilemma when it comes to your guests arrival is to rope off the center aisle with fashionable ribbons or have your florist add an arrangement.  With the middle aisle blocked the ushers will simply seat each guest from the outside, and the first to arrive will move towards the center of the aisle and receive the best seats!


Did you seat your guests from the outside? Let us know how it worked out?

Source: RJT Pictures, Luxurious Wedding Etiquette