Fake Eyelashes :: Fun or Faux Pas?


On your wedding day you want to stand out and look your best…you are spending good money on photographers and videographers to capture memories that will last a lifetime.  I agree with not over-doing it on make -up, and wanting to look like YOU on your day, but I also am a firm believer that fake eyelashes—applied correctly—can make your eyes glisten!

If you are one of the many who hear fake eyelashes and think “way too dramatic,” I would challenge you to give them a try.  Have your make-up artist practice putting them on and take before and after pictures of yourself with and with out the added length to your lashes.  I guarantee you will be able to tell a difference and for the better!


I want to hear your opinions! Did you lengthen your eyelashes  on your wedding day with fake eyelashes?


3 Responses

  1. Lindsey

    FUN!!!!!!!!!!! I think they can add so much and really make the eyes pop in pictures…ESPECIALLY in the black and white photos. If you don’t want too much drama, then use smaller/shorter lashes to give volume and a less dramatic effect!!! I use them when I am in weddings and will be using them in my own wedding in October. My sisters purchased their eyelashes from Kiralee, a makeup artist in Indy (http://www.eyemaxmakeup.com/). She has all different kinds of eyelashes, and they are affordable! I highly recommend her!

  2. Kristin Hornberger

    I thought fake eyelashes would not be something I would wear. The wedding day I did wear them and loved them. They looked natural and still great look. I know wear them on special occasions.