Business Card :: Father of the Bride

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If you think planning one wedding is stressful, imagine planning and executing three weddings within 24 months of each other!  A good friend of mine is blessed with four girls in her family, three of which have found the men of their dreams and are all walking down the aisle within a very short time of each other.  When you are marrying off three daughters, it truly becomes a job. Your free time is filled with flowers, dresses and photographers.  To add some humor to their situation, they created business cards for their dad, stating his new profession, Father of the Bride.

Each card has a cute new saying on the back and crosses out one more “bride”.  I especially love how much thought was put into these…even a small detail such as the website on the card is different.  It starts out as…changes to…and the third one is listed as  I cant wait until their youngest gets married and creates the final business card.

This is such a unique way to poke fun at the “wedding business” they have at their home.  You can tell this family has fun together and the father is proud of his daughters as they walk down the aisle!  I love to see families find their own ways of overcoming the stresses of weddings and joining together to simply have fun and celebrate the new marriages being formed.




How did your family add humor in your day with the details?

  1. Mom E.

    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – what a great family they must be!