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Enter today to win 4 apricot azuri feather pashmina scarves for your bridesmaids from Niml—supporting natural, organic & green lifestyles.


If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Nimli, an online shop for stylish organic products—I highly suggest you head over to their website.  The offer a variety of ecologically friendly products that are natural, organic, recycled, sweatshop-free, and cruelty-free.

Rajat Arora founded Nimli in New York six years ago, based on his belief in eco-conscious lifestyles.  He strives to minimize the carbon footprint for everyone and encourages sustainability in our everyday lives. Nimli is quickly becoming carbon neutral by purchasing Green Tags to offset the carbon footprint caused by shipping, energy consumption and other daily business activities.

There are so many options of gifts, beauty products and home decor items that you could incorporate into your wedding day as favors, thank you gifts, bridal party gifts or even special outfits for your showers and rehearsal dinners.  Not only are you purchasing unique products from individual designers, but you are helping to support the philosophy Nimli has started to preserve the earth and take action now in saving what is left!

**Check out their blog, Nimli Talk and be updated on hot trends and fashion supporting a green lifestyle.**

To Enter:

Check out Nimli’s website and leave a comment with what product jumped out at you as a must have!

The contest will end July 30 and a winner will be randomly chosen and  announced on July 31.

46 Responses

  1. joanna

    Wow, Nimli looks awesome! I love that the scarves are sweatshop-free and organic!

    Looking at their website, I especially like the kitchen-y stuff. I’m a dork, but I’ve been looking fro a natural dishwashing soap, and they have one! I think it’s cool you can buy carbon offsets as gifts in the “Home” section, too.

  2. kari

    This site has gorgeous things. I guess I”m in a pragmatic mode, because of all of the beautiful things, the one that most caught my eye was the Lilipad Studio Crosby’s Friends Two-step Stepstool. We could really use this.

  3. Barbara Schwenk

    I love the Sust Hot House Halter (not for myself but my daughter) 🙂 She’s in sual enrolled in HS and when she goes to her college classes she always feels a bit left out (different styles) this would be perfect and oh so cute on her 😉

  4. Grace F

    I’d like to have the Lara Miller Rose Dress! So comfy looking and cute!

  5. Emily

    I love the Sarah Donegan Tulip Bag. This site is awesome!

  6. Jessie C

    What a lovely site! I’d like Azuri Feather Pashmina Shawl, looks super comfy!

  7. windi

    I love recycled things! Preserve Mixing Bowl Set
    is a wonderful set! Thanks for introducing a great site!

  8. Marie R

    I think the kids Partybots Mustache Tee is so funny.


  9. Lisa

    Oh I could just get lost for hours on Nimli. Everything is beautiful and beautifully constructed. I love that the company is organic and sweatshop free. It’s not that often that a company has morals.

    So, what I’m dying to have is the Jill Italiano Square Vine Earring. The pair is absolutely perfect. My ears need them =]

  10. Melanie

    Ooh, four scarves! If I could have anything,it would be those! I have 8 girls to buy for (7 bridesmaids and 1 groomswoman!) …..and that is the EXACT color I need. It would REALLY come in handy for our recession-chic wedding to win a giveaway! Fingers crossed!!

  11. Christna

    I really liked the Aut0matik Dual Flex Lamp. It is different and will stand out.

  12. Leanna

    Wow, really pretty stuff! I love the Live the Life you Love Roots Run Deep Bamboo T-Shirt.

  13. Liz

    This website is amazing!

    The EcoSkin Honeysuckle dress is too cute! I love the pockets!

  14. denise

    I like the preserve mixing bowl set.


  15. Debbie Perkins

    I love the Dream Sacks Maya Kimono Sleeve Tunic!

  16. LaVonne

    the kids espadrilles are darling. I love looking at kids stuff now that I have a toddler. 😉

  17. Taryn

    I love all of the handbags they have! I would pick just one if I could…but there are too many I like! 🙂

  18. Connie R.

    Cute stuff! I like the Tifany Hoffman Designs Ava Hat.

  19. Sara

    I love the scarves, but the whole website is full of things i like!

  20. Deborah

    Gorgeous designs…both the site and the clothing. I <3 the AngelRox Denim Blazer.

  21. Christie

    I love a lot at Nimli but The Grapeseed Company Dirty Dogs Organics Gift Pack would be a very welcome gift for Miss Baby Dog here!

  22. Christy Hendrickson

    It’s so beautiful!! I could be so lucky! 🙂 Here’s too wishing! 😉

  23. Alicia

    I LOVE all of their cute t-shirts…so adorable. I also love all of their kitchen stuff. I can never restrain myself when it comes to the kitchen…

  24. Tami

    I love all their stuff….but the “Love the Life you Love Madala Bamboo Tee Shirt” rocks!!!

  25. Danielle

    So many great items. I’d have to say the Nettiscrub soy candles are a favorite. I hope to order some in the future.

  26. Amber C

    OH! I really love the Mulholland Dress! 🙂

  27. steffi jerrell

    oh my getting married in january ,what a great gift (give a way :)… i loved the website ,everything from pet to shoes…. there is something for everyone and i loved it allll….

    thanks ….

  28. Claire

    I love all of their shelves for the home! They are soo cool!

  29. Emily

    I’d love the MamaOm organic blanket for my new baby!

  30. Michelle T

    Mad Import Gigi Handwoven raffia clutch! I love bags!

  31. Erika

    The Mulholland Dress would look so nice on me. Very Pretty

  32. Cara

    Azuri Feather Pashmina Scarf in Ocean is great!

  33. Tracie T

    I gotta have The Outfit Peace Tote. It totally fits my personality.

  34. josie

    the Brave Space Design Tetrad Flat is so colorful and fun!